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S is for Stuff

In an effort to get myself caught up, here are a few recent happenings.

The James Taylor/Carole King concert was incredible.  My mom, sister and I had such a great time.  It was a pretty emotional experience for all of us, but the best part for me was when my mom leaned over, grabbed my arm and said, “I can’t believe this is actually happening.  I never thought I’d see them together.  And with the two of you.”  I don’t know if I’ll share that kind of a musical connection with my kids, but I sure hope I do. 

Lukas had surgery to have tubes put in his ears at the beginning of June.  Yes, I realize I wrote an entire post chewing out an urgent care doctor when he suggested tubes, but it really wasn’t about the tubes.  It was about his terribly arrogant behavior.  We knew tubes were a definite posibility and when Lou hit seven ear infections in about nine months our pediatrician decided it was time.  I wasn’t nearly as worried about the surgery as I was about not being able to feed or water my child for six hours beforehand.  Lukas is an eater.  The only sign he’s ever used is the one for milk – and he does that while he’s still laying in his crib in the morning.  How in the heck were we going to avoid major meltdowns?  Fortunately he was so distracted by everything going on around him that he didn’t even notice the three hour delay caused by an emergency c-section in our operating room.  He handled the surgery wonderfully and spent the rest of the day eating like a frat boy.  It was actually kind of hilarious to see everything he packed away.  Poor kid probably though we were going to starve him again.

The thing that’s been occupying most of my brainpower for the last several weeks (months) is the fact that we were preparing to buy Bjorn’s great aunt’s farm.  We officially closed on Monday.  This is very, very exciting for Bjorn and I’m excited for him.  Unfortunately I’m not quite as enthusiastic about it.  I think the farm part will be okay.  I’m definitely a city girl, but I’ve known all along that it will be much easier for me to live in the country than it would be for Bjorn to live in the city.  I’ll learn my way around.  My problem lies in the moving back to our hometown aspect.  I never say never because it always seems to come back to bite you but I honestly never wanted to move back home (a fact I wasn’t 100% upfront about because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings).  I love my family and my inlaws and am really looking forward to being so near to them, however it adds a new set of challenges to creating our own life.  In  a small town six degrees of separation drops to about 3.  I’ve had people come up to me and tell me they know my parents, shake my hand and never tell me their own name.  I often get “Oh, you’re that Hoffman girl” or “You married that Olson boy” and while they’re both true and I know these people don’t mean any harm it’s still very frustrating to me.  I feel like I’ll always be someone’s daughter or daughter-in-law or wife or mom or sister or cousin, never just Anna.

One of the things I’ve liked best about living where we do now is the anonymity.  In a small town with so much family nearby it’s going to be next to impossible to do anything without everyone finding out.  The other part of this is that I’ fear running into people that still expect me to be the person I was in high school.  While I’ve always been me, I made decisions back then that I’m not proud of.  I’d hate for people to base their opinion of me or my extended family on a past mistake.  I was a very shy and insecure person and while I’m still insecure I’ve come a long way in breaking out of my shell.  It seems that shy people are viewed in two ways – sweet or stuck up.  Sadly, I think I fell on the stuck up side and it really impacted my relationships. 

Bjorn made a very insightful comment the other night (and I have to tell you he has been incredibly supportive of my feelings throughout all of this, if our roles were reversed I can’t say that I would have the same level of patience) that most people aren’t able to be their true selves during high school.  We’re too focused on fitting in that we change aspects of our personalities to better suit the people around us.  I think this is especially true in small towns where there are fewer activities and fewer people to engage.  I couldn’t wait to go to college and meet a whole new set of people that were maybe a little more like me. 

Don’t get me wrong, we have friends there.  People we love that love us back.  People that will accept us no matter what.   I’m looking forward to growing those friendships.  While people that live in small towns might like to gossip and they can be catty, they are also the very first to show up when you need help and they never expect anything (except maybe a few beers) in return. 

This went off in a much different direction than I intended but it feels good to have gotten it out.  You can expect to see pictures of the renovations happening at Green Acres (“good-bye city life” and yes, that’s what we’re calling the farm).  We have a lot of work to do.


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R is for Respect

We’re going to take a break from our not-so-regularly scheduled picture updates so I can share an experience from tonight that made me so angry I am planning to write a STRONGLY worded letter.  Unfortunately that’s as in your face as this nice midwestern gal gets.

I have to start at the beginning.  Yesterday about two hours into the day I got a call from daycare that Lou didn’t seem right.  He’d walk a few steps, fall down, then get back up only to fall down again.  He’d had a rough few nights with what we figured was pain from the FIVE teeth he currently has erupting in his mouth so I thought maybe something worse was actually going on.  Fortunately  I was able to make an appointment with our pediatrician.  It turned out to be an ear infection that was causing his loss of balance.  What a relief!  We’ve been on this train before – five times.  A few days of meds and he’d be as good as new.

I mention the number of ear infections because late last fall it seemed as though we were visiting the doctor every other week.  Bjorn and I both had chronic ear infections as kids and our primary doctor told us early on that they can be genetic.  It’s important to note right now that I have nothing against medication or medical procedures if they are necessary.  At the recommendation of several people we opted to take Lou to a friend that’s a chiropractor at the tail end of his last ear infection.  I’ll admit that I was skeptical, but my sister had chronic migraines in high school and after months and months of doctors trying to help her she finally found reliable relief at the hands of a chiropractor.  To our happiness Lukas’ adjustment helped immensely.  Our doctor had given us the okay to try it saying it might help and it definitely wouldn’t hurt.  Yesterday was our first unexpected trip to the doctor in THREE MONTHS.  A major record for us.

Tonight after work we stopped at my mom and dad’s to say hello.  As we were getting ready to leave we noticed a rash covering Lou’s belly and back.  Knowing that the only change to his routine was the antibiotics he’d been taking I chalked it up to an allergic reaction.  I knew he needed to be on meds so I called the after hours nurse line and spent a frustratingly long time on the phone with a very nice nurse.  After answering what felt like a ridiculous number of ridiculous questions she finally told me that if a kid Lukas’ age presents with a rash after receiving the medicine he was given they need to be seen by a doctor within four hours.  WHY didn’t you tell me that at the beginning of this 20 minute call?

I fed Lukas dinner and we headed to our neighborhood Urgent Care.  After an hour and a half of keeping him from escaping through the automatic doors we were finally called back.  After another thirty minutes in walks the McDreamy wannabe.  All hair, scruffly beard, leather bracelet and arrogance.  I will be perfectly honest, I was tired, stressed and out of sorts.  It’s been a long week.  Lukas was well past bedtime and wanted to go home – he kept handing me his jacket and giving me a look like, “Mom, you don’t even have to open the doors.  Let’s blow this popsicle stand.”  McD Wannabe starts listing off a bunch of symptoms that Lukas has, but are not our primary reason for being there such as eye discharge and ear pain.  I’d told the intake nurse about his ear infection but apparently the doctor wanted to discover it for himself.  Finally I had to take Lou’s shirt off for the doctor to even LOOK at the rash.  He hemmed and hawed for awhile, looked in Lukas’ ears and deemed them “red, but not that bad”, looked at the medication bottle I’d brought in and made a point of saying that HE would never prescribe that for an ear infection which I think was an effort to make him seem superior to our pediatrician whom we trust and respect, rattled off a bunch of medical terms to try and sound smart and then finally wrote a new prescription. 

In the midst of this he left to take a call.  He had to tell me that it was regarding his ‘cardiac’ patient.  I realize that’s important and I was fine with him leaving but the tone was incredibly disrespectful.  I realize an ear infection isn’t on the same level as a heart issue, but my kid is sick and tired.  Would it be so tough to treat him with a little kindness?  The lovely doctor also ripped Lou’s pacifier out of his mouth after he dropped it on the floor and put it back in his mouth so it could be rinsed off in the sink.   He tsked me and said something about it being really dirty in there.  Look, I know.  It’s gross.  This kid also likes to lick our shoes if we leave them by the door.  The pacifier didn’t land with the nub on the ground.  Chances are whatever he would catch from your dirty exam room will get killed off by the amoxicillin you’ve prescribed.

At some point during our conversation I mentioned that this was Lou’s fifth ear infection.  When he came back with the prescription he also handed me a card for an ENT.  He said “with five ear infections he really needs to see a specialist and get tubes.”  Okay.  You’ve seen my kid once.  I’ve asked our pediatrician with every ear infection visit if she thought tubes were necessary.  She doesn’t think so…yet.  We’ll keep evaluating.  If she tells us she thinks they would help we will do it.  She knows him.  She knows kids in general.  I trust her opinion, not the opinion of a random Urgent Care doctor with floppy hair.  At this point I made a HUGE mistake.  I mentioned our visit to the chiropractor. 

This gave McD Wannabe all the ammo he needed to completely irritate the hell out of me.  He started by asking me what my husband and I do for a living.  I’m guessing to make sure he didn’t step on any toes with his next comment (Bjorn thinks he wanted to see how educated we were just so he could determine which level of condescension to use.)  According to the ‘good’ doctor chiropractics were started by a guy from Iowa who bagged groceries.  He also assured me that he was 100% certain that Lukas’ trip to the chiropractor did absolutely nothing to ease his ear issues.  He’s not sure what it was, but it DEFINITELY wasn’t the chiropractor.  The implication was that chiropractors are quacks and I was endangering my child by exposing him to one. 

Fortunately we were walking out at this point.  My hands were full of Lukas and all of our stuff.  Had they not been I just might have clocked him or at the very least made some wild hand gestures.  I instead passed along a very terse, “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion”. 

I know that I am not a doctor.  I know that doctors are well-educated and they have to retain a lot of information.  That doesn’t mean they should be allowed to treat the rest of us like a bunch of shmucks.  We’ve been really fortunate to have understanding, patient and kind practitioners up to this point.   That’s why I can’t accept his behavior.  His rude assessment of our doctor’s choice of medication.  His dismissal of chiropractors.  His judgement of the choices I’ve made for my child.  There is a level of common courtesy and respect that was completely lost on this guy.

Under most circumstances I would just chalk this up to a rough night for all involved but we’ve had more than one bad experience with this particular Urgent Care.  We’ll be taking our copays elsewhere.

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Parenting FAIL! Christmas Edition

We’ve purchased all of Lukas’ Christmas presents.  We sent out a card/letter that was Lukas-centric.  We made our annual trek to cut down our tree at the local tree farm.  Lukas and I even spent a day baking cookies together.  Just one last thing on the list…a visit to Santa. 

Originally I was going to take L by myself but I somehow wrangled Bjorn into joining us.  We ate an early dinner and headed off to the mall last night.  I figured it wouldn’t be too busy on a Monday night this close to Christmas.  Lukas was dressed in his new Santa pajamas and in a great mood.  This was going to make for a fantastic Christmas memory.  I was wrong.  So, so wrong.  We walked to Santa’s village and disovered a line of at least 150 people.  We joined the line just to see how quickly it would move.  After moving about 10 feet in twenty minutes we were onto Plan B.  Take the kid’s picture with Santa somewhere in the distance and call it good.

(Bonus points if the picture includes a tired dad with stocking cap hair.)

I was grateful that he was too young to know what was going on and we could just leave without any major meltdowns.  Next year we’ll go earlier, during the day, to a smaller mall.

Or we can go with Bjorn’s plan and just buy a Santa suit and con one of our loved ones to wear it.

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Well Spoken

I am pretty confident that we have our first word.  Okay, so it’s more like a coordinated sound, but still. 

For the last week or so L has been emphatically saying Guh.  As in Gus.  I wish I would have put money on this.  When we first came home from the hospital I started to notice how often we were saying it,  “Gus, get down!”  “Gus!  No!”  “Gus, stop.”, and I told Bjorn that chances were Gus would be Lukas’ first word.

However, this may only be the case when he is at home.  When he’s with Grandpa Jim it is very possible that it instead means GO!  My child is OBSESSED with ceiling fans, and I’m pretty sure we’re well past the phase where they are supposed to be entertaining.  My parents have three ceiling fans and Lukas has found a spot to sit where he can see all three simultaneously.  He has also manipulated my dad into holding him and running back and forth between the fans.  They even have a special routine.  They walk near one, Lukas holds his arm out to salute the fan, my dad gets closer, yells GO!, spins the fan and then Lukas claps.  It’s as adorable as it sounds.

One offshoot of this obsession is Lukas’ near catatonic state whenever the M*A*S*H* opening is on.  My parents are both big fans of watching the reruns and as a result Lukas has become entranced.  He gets completely still and quiet.  I doubt that he even blinks.  You better believe I DVR’ed a couple of episodes for when mommy needs a short break.  It took a while, but we finally realized it wasn’t the music, but the HELICOPTERS. 

I guess this means I’ll be out voted when the farm windmill discussion comes up again.


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Lukas’ Birth Story Part 2

I am woefully behind on weekly recaps but I thought in honor of Labor Day it would be appropriate to finally share the meaty part of Lukas’ birth story.  Part 1 talked about my nesting craziness and finished with us leaving for the hospital.  Beware.  This is a bit graphic.

We drove to the hospital, chattering a bit here and there, thankful that the driving conditions were good (winter in Minnesota+being very pregnant = constant fear of being unable to reach the hospital).  Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess was playing as we pulled into the parking lot.  We walked in through the ER and I excitedly told the attendant, “I’m here to HAVE A BABY!!!”  He didn’t share my enthusiasm and gave us a nod and an eyeroll.  We headed down the hallway, made a quick bathroom pitstop and pressed the buzzer that would let us into the secure birthing center.  We were led into a monitoring room.  By this point I was pretty familiar with these rooms as I’d spent 20 minutes in them every other day for the last two weeks.  The nurse checked me and confirmed that I was about 3 centimeters dilated.  She said she was going to call our doctor and she thought that we would be admitted soon.

Unfortunately that was not the case.  Instead the doctor decided to send us home.  The nurse didn’t seem very confident about that decision but we opted to head home.  They gave me something that was supposed to help a bit with the pain (it didn’t.  Skittles would have worked better.)  It was around 11:00pm by this point and we weren’t too thrilled about leaving.  We got home and Bjorn took a nap on the couch.  I tried to lay down but it was impossible.  I bopped around on an exercise ball, watched an episode of Real Simple and eventually ended up in the tub.  The contractions were getting a lot closer together and much more intense so we called the hospital and they said to come back.  Time starts to get a little fuzzy for me here, but I think it was around 1am.

Of course our luck with the roads had run out on our first trip.  The winds had picked up and there was blowing snow.  The drive was quite a bit slower and I was much less patient.  No Jason Mraz this time around.  I was a lot more tense and just wanted to be up moving around.  Sitting in the car was awful.  My only reprieve was quickly opening and closing my legs at the knee.  Really classy, but it was the only thing that worked.  I leapt out of the car when we got back to the hospital, took my turn rolling my eyes at the desk attendant and pounded the buzzer at the birthing center.  This time they took one look at me and directed us into a labor and delivery room.  A quick check revealed that I was at 7 centimeters.  I was also shaking uncontrollably which the nurse said meant I was in transition.  (I have to say that our nurses were nothing short of fantastic.  Just incredible.)

They worked to help ease my pain.  I told them that the tub had worked at home and that I was open to pain meds and an epidural.  I didn’t have an official birth plan, opting instead to see what happened and respond to it in the moment.  As I mentioned things were pretty fuzzy here.  I was exhausted – at this point I’d been up for almost 24 hours and the pain was really intense.  When contractions came I would stand facing Bjorn starting with grabbing onto his shoulders and eventually putting my hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt and practically tearing them off.  I overheard the nurse say what I thought was, “She’ll have to have two bags of IV fluids before we can give her anything for the pain.”  I started to cry because the thought of waiting for TWO IV bags just seemed unbearable.  The contractions were coming one right on top of another and I was miserable.  Fortunately it was two IV bags before the epidural.  They were able to give me Nubain right away.  Well, once I was able to sit still long enough for them to get the IV in.  That took awhile.  I never did make it back in the tub.

The Nubain made me really, really loopy.  I was laying in the bed so grateful to finally have some relief but Bjorn was giving my medical history and I kept yelling at him (mumbling) that he was getting it wrong.  He wasn’t.  I was mishearing all of the questions.  At some point in here I’m pretty sure I fell asleep.  Then it was time for the epidural.  I was a little afraid of the idea of a needle in my back, but it wasn’t bad at all.  Bjorn took the opportunity to call our parents and conveniently leave the room during this part. 

Bjorn and I both took a short nap after the epidural and the next thing I knew, my mom was leaning over saying hello.  My dad had sent her as soon as they got the call.  Initially I wanted just Bjorn with me, but as soon as I saw my mom I was so thankful she was there.  I guess no matter how old you are, it’s always nice to have your mom when you’re hurting.  My water still hadn’t broken.  I had been waiting and waiting for it and figured that they would have to break it for me.  Surprisingly, my “bag of waters” (I hated that term in our birthing classes) came out intact.  This was enough of an oddity for the nurse to place it in a towel and take it to show all of the other nurses.

Around 8 it was time to start pushing.  Honestly, I kept my eyes closed through most of this.  I think it was a combination of the drugs and the fact that I hadn’t slept.  While I’d had an epidural I still felt quite a bit of pressure and some pain.  I was able to tell when I was having contractions. 

A quick word about pushing.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when people tell you it’s like pooping a watermelon?  They aren’t kidding.

After a few contractions, Lukas’ heart rate started dropping.  They had me get on my knees (not supposed to be possible after an epidural) and hang over the head of the bed.  Bjorn was doing a great job counting, but when he would look down to check on the progress he would slow down.  I only had to yell at him once to FOCUS!  We all got a little comic relief when he told me to “Do it for your ANKLES!”  I hadn’t seen my ankle bones in weeks thanks to all of the swelling.  This over-the-bed position was really uncomfortable and I wasn’t making much process so they rolled me back to my back.  Lukas was still in distress so we needed a vacuum-assisted delivery.  I thought this meant he was big. 

The vacuum slipped off twice.  The doctor told us that if it didn’t work the third time we would need to prepare for a c-section.  Thankfully the third time was the charm.  Out he came.  All 6 pounds, 6 ounces of him.  He had the umbilical cord wrapped around him three times – feet, belly and neck.  They quickly placed him on my stomach and I looked into his eyes.

This was the first time I had opened my eyes since I started pushing.  My very first thought was, “Hey, I know you.”  And that’s the first thing I said to him, “I know you.”  As fuzzy as my memories are of a lot of the experience, this is crystal clear.  I didn’t anticipate feeling that automatic connection.  It wasn’t overwhelming, just…comforting.

Lukas wasn’t crying.  I thought that was a bad thing and related to the rough delivery.  Turns out he just wasn’t much of a crier.  He gave a few little bleats, like he knew we were expecting him to make some noise, even if he didn’t feel like it.  Due to the cord and distress Lukas was whisked away for testing.  They pricked his feet, gave him chest x-rays and ran a bunch of other tests.  He handled it all like a champ, not even a whimper.  There was concern that he might have had a collapsed lung but fortunately that wasn’t the case.  I didn’t see any of this, I had closed my eyes again and was busy being fixed up.

We were incredibly lucky that there had been a scheduled c-section for twins earlier that morning.  The team that had been in charge of the surgery came to our room to help with Lukas’ delivery.  At one point there were 11 medical personnel in our room.  I didn’t see a single one of them.  It was only later when talking about the assistant that helped with my stitches that I found out how scary things had actually been.  My mom commented that, “The Asian doctor looked a little uncomfortable.”  My response was, “Asian doctor?  What Asian doctor?” 

I know there is a lot of debate out there for natural vs. drugs and I don’t fall squarely on either side.  I can see the benefits to both.  I will say that I am glad that I had them for Lukas’ birth.  Not necessarily because of having my pain eased, but because they numbed any fear that I would have experienced as a result of his rough start.  Instead I was able to rest, marvel at what had just happened (When my dad asked me how I was doing, I just kept repeating, “I can’t believe I actually DID that”) and think about hisLukas’ tiny, tiny body and beautiful blue eyes.


Tiny Lukas 2

The wait was so worth it.


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Week in Review – 29

We started Week 29 with a visit to the farm.  The weather was beautiful, we had a delicious lunch and we wandered the farm taking pictures (with the SLR, after UMore I totally have the bug to use it).  I had really wanted to get some shots of Lukas in his striped overalls in the cornfield and he was nice enough to comply.  Bjorn’s relatives from Mexico stopped in to say hello and Lukas loved watching the 3 and 1.5 year old run around and play.  He loves big kids and I think he will really enjoy playing with them when he starts daycare.

Monday marked Lukas’ first day with Grammy Kiki.  By all accounts the day went well.  I think this will be a good transition.   Lukas and I are both getting used to making the drive together.  I like it a lot more when he sleeps for the entire trip down and back but I’ve discovered I can handle it if screams the whole way too.  KFAN at top volume seems to help.

Tuesday we were all exhausted.  As soon as Lukas fell asleep Bjorn and I crashed too.  I was still fully dressed from work.  Lukas managed to sleep through the night for the first time in a while.

On Wednesday night Bjorn worked overtime so Lukas and I were on our own.  I had no ambition to make dinner so on the way home I decided I’d treat myself to fast food (yes, I know it’s not a treat for everyone, but it is my absolute guilty pleasure).  After debating with myself for quite a while I finally decided on Wendy’s.  It was wonderful.  Lukas ate his dinner – cereal and sweet potatoes – and went to bed without any trouble.

Thursday we just relaxed at home. 

Friday – I made a bunch of menu magnets and then proceded to spend an obscene amount of money on groceries at Cub.  We will hopefully be set food-wise until…next week?  Bjorn and I watched our most recent Netflix, Mrs. Pettigrew Lives for a Day and surprisingly we BOTH enjoyed it.  There were some parts of the movie where we had to crank up the volume because the dialogue was very mumbly and the ending was predictable but it was a perfect fluff movie.

Saturday – It was time to cross another item off of the list so we loaded up the backpack and both cameras (I’ve learned my lesson!) and set off for the Sculpture Garden at the Walker.  It was pretty drizzly so we had to move fast.  I was surprised that the area was as small as it was but it ended up being the perfect size for the amount of time we wanted to spend.  We walked around, took a lot of photos and enjoyed the quiet.  Lukas generally doesn’t make a peep when he’s in the backpack.  I guess I should carry him around in it more often.  There were a lot of older people out with easels painting and drawing and the atmosphere was very serene.  Except for the couple in latex suits with one attached to a leash.  I was pretty glad Lukas was too young to ask questions.

Saturday afternoon I deep cleaned the kitchen and did some projects around the house while Bjorn and Lukas ran errands.  They stopped to see Aunt Mary and Lukas impressed her with his crawling abilities.  He’s tearing all over the place now.  It’s hard to believe that just a week ago he couldn’t figure out what to do with his hands to put him in motion.  We finished a great day with a great dinner and great company.  We went to El Patio and met up with the -R- family.  Lukas and B looked adorable in their side by side highchairs – unfortunately something was up with the flash on my camera so the pictures I took didn’t turn out.  It was really nice chatting with another couple that we have quite a bit in common with and one that lives close by.  B was also nice enough to share his puffs with Lukas and I’m pretty sure it was love at first taste.

4 Wheeler

No babies actually rode on this 4-wheeler. 

Farmer Lukas

Farmer Lukas laying down on the job.

Lukas Walker

My eyes are burning from seeing those people in their latex!

29 Weeks A

29 weeks?  Oh no!

29 Weeks B

Eh, I guess 29 weeks isn’t so bad.  Even if I did inherit my mom’s one eye that gets droopy when we’re tired.

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Week in Review – 28

So a bit of Week 28 is here, but it’s not very positive.  Week 28 was rough for me, fortunately Lukas made it more bearable.

Sunday 7/26 – Saturday 8/1

Sunday – I love to paint rooms.  For a while it was a bit of an obsession, until Bjorn put a moratorium on all painting projects at the Olson house.  Fortunately our friends John and Erica needed some help with a few rooms at their house and I gladly offered up my services.  Surprisingly Bjorn offered to help me paint and I am really, really glad he did.  Those long arms make for short work with a roller and my forte really is the cutting in – we’re a great team.  Lukas spent the afternoon with Grandpa Jim while Bjorn and I knocked out the painting in no time.  We celebrated the completion of the project with pizza for dinner. 

Before we headed down to CF I was ironing clothes and put Lukas in a laundry basket to play while I worked.  After awhile he decided it would be great fun to PULL HIMSELF UP!  I couldn’t believe it.  I quietly got Bjorn’s attention and he grabbed the camera.  Of course the shots I got weren’t quite as good as seeing it in person but it’s definitely a milestone.

Monday – Stomach bug, sleep, picked up the house, more sleep.

Tuesday – Met with Lukas’ new daycare provider.  Cried a little.  Spent the evening with Lukas while Bjorn played softball.

Wednesday – Confrontation.  More crying.  Lukas started really getting the hang of crawling.

Thursday – I finally bought a little calendar this week so I can take notes each day.  I am completely blanking on what we did on Thursday. 

Friday – Lukas had his last day with Auntie Alice in Cannon Falls.  I went down to pick Lukas up and rather than head to Carna’s to watch the car parade we opted to go home instead.  My stomach still wasn’t right and I just wanted a quiet night.  Bjorn went to the Twins game and got home late due to extra innings and light rail.  We stayed up for a while talking.  We’d both had a busy week so it was nice to just catch up with each other.

Saturday – Lounged around the house and ran errands in the morning.  Bjorn went to Lanesboro to play in a softball tournament in the afternoon and my awesome parents came up to visit.  My mom watched Lukas while I threw a bunch of projects at my dad.  Something was out to get us – every single project we had on the list had some sort of weird problem associated with it.  Studs were in the wrong place for the curtain rods, the wiring in the electrical outlet was too short and on and on.  We managed to push through most of it but a few things are waiting to be finished.  The day was capped off with Chinese from Chan’s (If you’re local it’s on Cedar and Dodd by Cub.  Go.  You will not be disappointed.) 

I just realized that not much of the above is about Lukas.  He’s been such a champ lately.  I did not love the newborn baby stage, but I think I have a crush on 6.5 months.  He’s just so adorable and fun.  His personality is really starting to develop and he’s quite the charmer.  He’s getting more motivated to crawl.  He hates to eat anything that’s green (just like his dad) but loves bananas, carrots and applesauce.  He babbles and screeches and squeals.  He loves playing “SO BIG, so little”, “I Squeeeeeeeze You” and “Smoosh Your Face”.  For the past few weeks he’s been going to sleep around 7:30, waking up at 4 for about 15 minutes to eat and then back down until about 6.  Maybe he’s so much more fun because we’re actually getting some sleep?  Bjorn made a comment this week about how we’re starting to get a good glimpse of what Lukas will be like as he grows.  It is so, so true.  I love watching him accomplish new things and while I may get a little teary over the fact that it’s all happening so fast, I am so excited to watch his life unfold.

Lukas Smirk

More and more people are saying he looks like me, but this smirk?  Is 100% Bjorn.

Laundry Basket

Standing up!  And giving mama a heart attack!

Laundry Basket 2

Haha!  Did you see what I just did?  No?  Well, I’m not doing it again.  Pbbbbbbbt.

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