O is for Outtakes

In response to Audrey’s comment on my last post I said, “I really should post some of the outtakes though – while the photo looks sweet and innocent from the back, the ones I tried to get from the front are comically awful.”  Audrey wanted to see the hilarity and since she’s one of only three people actually reading (the others being my sister and the lovely -R-) I figured I owed it to her to oblige her wishes.

And so…

 Try #1

Try #2

No Great Grandma in this one.  Lou had pushed her away.

And a few others, just because:

Lukas isn’t really much of a crier or tantrum thrower.  I try to grab some of these moments with the camera because I want to be able to remember all of the facets of Lou’s toddlerhood, especially the ones that aren’t necessarily picture perfect.  While laughter, smiles and snuggles are definitely part of the mom experience, so are screaming fits and snot.



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2 responses to “O is for Outtakes

  1. -R-

    That first picture is priceless.

  2. Hahahaha! What a little grumpy face! So adorable.

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