G is for Great

On Saturday Lukas and I went to visit his great grandma.  At 90 my grandma is incredibly vital.  She’s lived a long, full and at times very difficult life.  As I was growing up we weren’t incredibly close but as she’s aged her demeanor has mellowed a lot and she has been pretty involved in Lou’s life.

We’d spent the early part of the afternoon at a birthday party for our god-daughter so by the time we made it to GG’s house Lou was exhausted from skipping his nap.  He wasn’t in the best mood but we did our best to make the most of the visit.  He climbed the hill in the backyard and rolled back down, ate a few cookies and checked out all of the incredibly breakable items that were at his level.  GG was so appreciative of us stopping and spending just an hour.  It was such a nice afternoon.  Those of us with more than five words in our vocabulary had a great conversation – more honest and direct than I would have ever expected.  I felt a little guilty as we left that I don’t make more time for visits like this, especially as my grandma handed me a piece of crystal that my grandpa had given to her and told me that I could expect more, but that she wasn’t ready to part with it just yet.

I wasn’t able to get a good shot of the two of them together from the front.  Lukas was hysterical in all of them, but I just love this one of them from behind.  They had no idea I was there.  89 years separate them.  One is at the beginning and one is nearing the end.  The stories they could tell each other.


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  1. What a beautiful photo! It’s great that Lou and his great-grandma get to spend some time together.

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