E is for Easter

This plaid jacket made my dad laugh so hard he started to cry.  I’d say that’s a fashion win when you’re one.  I think he has a future in hosting game shows.

I’m probably one of the few who will claim Easter as their favorite holiday.  I loved it as a kid – my mom and grandma had a way of making all holidays special – and I continue to appreciate it as an adult.  I prefer ham over turkey so it beats Thanksgiving.  Putting together a few Easter baskets is far superior than the present hunt that precedes Christmas.  Cadbury mini eggs are the best candy.  Period.  Sorry Halloween. 

We had an especially nice time this year.  The weather was practically balmy for Minnesota.  My mom made an incredible dinner.  After three days of soft foods due to having my wisdom teeth out on Thursday it was definitely a highlight for me.  Lukas discovered suckers and bubbles and was doted on by all of his grandparents at once (Yes, my in-laws and my parents get along extremely well.  We’ve shared most holidays since Bjorn and I got married.  Outsiders are usually pretty shocked by this.)  I am also happy to report that I stuck to BOTH of my Lent resolutions and did not eat fast food OR log in to my Google Reader once from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  I still read blogs (of course) but I had to get to them organically.

Another highlight for Bjorn and me was seeing how excited Lukas was about his belated birthday present.  We knew we wanted to give him a toy for outside, but it didn’t make sense to have it taking up space in our house in January.  With our house currently on the market it would have just been one more thing to move out of the way during showings.   Now that the weather has warmed up and we have a little more room in the garage it was time to finally get the little guy something.  For some reason I had my heart set on a Cozy Coupe, but after seeing his love for another automobile at daycare we knew we had our winner:

He tried to launch himself out of Bjorn’s arms as soon as he saw it and has spent nearly every waking moment since touching it in some way.  I guess he likes it.


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  1. -R-

    Awesome pictures. I’m glad he loved his present!

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