B is for Baby Big Head

I’ve been saying for months that Lukas has a big head.  He wears hats two sizes ahead of his clothes.  People kept telling me that all babies seem to have big heads and it wasn’t a big deal.  I wasn’t worried about his health, more that he’s going suffer from a lifetime of ill-fitting headwear like his mama.

My suspicions were confirmed on Friday at his one year appointment.  While his height and weight were solidly in the 85th percentile, his head was in the 99.08th.  The nurse measured it twice because she didn’t believe it.  That’s my boy.  Well, his dad has a big head too.  Poor kid.

I think his head is to blame for his first serious injury.  While he’s an incredibly skilled walker he still gets a bit off balance.  He spent the night with Grandma Broccoli and Grandpa Larry on Saturday night and on Sunday morning he fell eyebrow first into their glass coffee table.  He made it out with a lump and a scrape.  And a large bowl of orange sherbert.  The coffee table is being banished to Uncle E’s apartment. 

Poor BBH.


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One response to “B is for Baby Big Head

  1. -R-

    Oh no! Poor BBH!

    Our kid is Little Baby Pea Head, if that makes you feel any better. His head is like 25th percentile or something.

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